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Large and small corporations have now realized that there indeed lies a 'Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid' (FBOP), thanks to Strategy Guru, C.K. Prahalad. Prahalad has challenged business' common beliefs and opened the corporate sector's eyes to the much ignored potential and latent market at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP), the market of more than four billion people across the globe, which has long been assumed to be unworthy of corporate attention and incapable of adding to their sales volumes. The market, which is still largely untapped is speedily becoming a battleground of companies warring for greater shares. But since the turf is largely unfamiliar to the corporations hugely successful otherwise, in urban and semi-urban markets, it is demanding Herculean efforts on their part to substantially capture and rule these potential bottom line enhancers.

For instance, the microfinance department of a large banking major eyes the rural segment as its prospective customers and is creating a large number of specially equipped teams to reach them on a massive scale but are finding it difficult to tap these markets due to the absence of physical infrastructure, appropriate marketing and communication channels lack of local knowledge. Similarly, a telecommunication major having realized the importance of these potential buyers at the bottom of the pyramid, has launched recharge coupons in smaller denominations seeking enhanced sales volumes and market penetration. But has to spend millions to establish its brand equity in these markets and put in huge amounts of effort and planning, as compared to capturing a semi-urban terrain, that too without tremendous success.

In a similar fashion, major companies in segments like retail, FMCG, education etc. having realized the importance of nascent customers and how these could drive company's growth, are all eyeing to capture and lead in this segment. This is where we pitch in. dM Technologies through its expert consulting and customized product solutions can offer you an edge in these markets and ensure your leadership. Our expertise in technological and strategic consultation will directly impact your brand equity, sales volumes, market share and thus revenues.

There is certainly a fortune at the bottom of the pyramid and we can help you unleashing that, through our meticulous and expert guidance. Our unique edge lies in providing you the platform to reach these latent customers/clients through our unique technological products and solutions Though being a socially responsible company, we conduct a thorough research and assessment about the impact of the products and services of the company on the target population, before accepting a client and its branding exercise.




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