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DreamMAKERS Objective Self Exploration Methods is dreamMAKERS’ one of the most innovative programs, intends to work upon the cognitive and behavioural aspects of an individual’s personality. How many of us actually know the length and breadth of our capabilities?  Most of the times, they lie unexplored in us and are eventually made dormant by continuous impingements of negative reinforcements.

DOSE methods target to unfold and explore this latent part of YOU.

DOSE Methods help you identify your strengths, which you can bank upon as well as your shortcomings, which we help you, convert into strengths. With this enhanced self, we then groom you to capitalize upon the opportunities and win over any threatening situation in life.

We use highly effective techniques to give you a regular DOSE of ‘YOU’ to know yourself better and realize your core competencies. Your gradual belief in the transformed self will eventually lead to ‘Peak Performance’ in all stages of the placement process.

The DOSE kit comprises of globally acclaimed tests and indigenously developed tools and techniques. Our approach is tailor-made and highly contingent to the specific student needs. For example: continuous failure in aptitude tests, underperformance in GDs and Interviews, which could be due to lack of strategic planning, depression, low self esteem, communication barriers or various external and internal stimuli.

DOSE will help you establish an interface with yourself and realize your full potential. You can rest assured that you will find a high caliber individual within yourself by the end of our diagnosis and treatment. This self-realization, analysis and identification will put you on a path of success from which there is no looking back.

Since, at dreamMAKERS ‘Winning is the Only Option’!

For further information about the program, speak to our relationship managers at +91-9230868030 / 32 / 33



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