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Language Training


Two mice sat in their hole watching a Cat lurk outside. "I know how to make Cat go away," said the first mouse. "How?" the second mouse asked in surprise.

"Watch! Bow, wow!!!" barked the first mouse. Peering through their hole in the wall, they saw Cat running away in fear. "Ah, see the benefit of knowing another language!"

Our DICE (Dreammakers Impressive Communication in English Program) Program understands the need of the times. Designed especially for engineering students it aims at developing proficiency in English language, which, could play a crucial role not only in the placement processes but also in the advancement of their careers once they are a part of the corporate world.

Hence, with an aim of not leaving any stone unturned or any roadblocks in the path of our candidates we have this special program for candidates who need to either LEARN or POLISH their English Language skills. The course is highly researched and adapted to the needs of Indian and even the regional engineering students.

DICE is suitable for all the candidates who are not so well versed in English language as well as for those who need to polish their existing proficiency levels to gain the necessary confidence for the placements. For students having different proficiency levels we have the course divided into three hierarchical stages:

Stage 1: dM English Beginners

The foundation stage, builds basic speaking English and vocabulary for beginners. Corrects basic grammar structure and builds confidence.

Stage 2: dM English Learners

Enhances fluency in English with rich vocabulary and constructs to improve verbal communication skills (written as well as oral), special attention to business communication.

Stage 3: dM English Zen

Enriches language along with voice quality and accent improvement, focus on nonverbal communication skills, special attention to thinking-on-feet and delivering on the spot language proficiency and much more to convert the candidates into flawless, fluent and confident communicators in English.


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