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Training And Development


Dreammakers Unified Corporate Training (DUCT) is not just a soft skill enhancement program for fresh recruits; in fact it is a unified solution which aims at instilling a sense of pride and belongingness for your Organization in them. Right from escalating individual excellence to realizing the importance of team performance, DUCT is designed to help the fresh recruits become familiar with your organization, learn who they are working with, understand your vision and values and help them feel a part of the team from the very first day.

DUCT is an active-participation model based training program. It is innovative and unconventional, having lots of contests incorporated in the day to day sessions. In fact, the fresh recruits start a new job partly excited and partly filled with anticipation and anxiety about what's in store. Those anxieties need to be identified and allayed. And that could be done by ensuring that trainees are working actively during the induction, not being trained passively.

DUCT is:
      - Individual Centric
      - Company Tailored
      - Practically Oriented
      - DTQ Specific


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